About Us
In Modern Maternity, we believe of making trendy and fashionable wear with the right fix and comfort of leading ready-to-wear. And design a touch of woman's feminity during this magical moment.

 Where: Modern Maternity, 165 Tanjong Pagar, The Amara #02-30. Tel: 6221-1009
   The clothes here look as if they have come straight out of the catalogues of a funky downtown fashion label, except that they have been adapted for the expanding bellies of mothers-to-be.
   Sexy tubes, low-waist pants, halter necks and funky tights flatter the pregnant figure, while the fabrics and cuts are so comfortable to wear that you will want to keep wearing them after you give birth.
   Some of the regu
lars here aren't even pregnant - they just love the fit of the clothes. For example, the smaller sized pants don't actually look like maternity clothes and the low-slung waist makes them a dream to wear.
   Working women throughout their pregnancy also have a large range of shift dresses, blouses and pants, some with adjustable ties at the back.

Abstract from Streats, Tuesday June 1, 2004

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